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Genetische DNA-Tests

für die Bienenzucht

mp genetics offers a hybridisation test based on 117 SNPs, with which it is possible to detect the hybridisation between the M (Mellifera) and C (Carnica) groups very accurately. The test has been validated in a scientific study with numerous samples from all over Europe, including Switzerland (Henriques et al. 2022). ​

In addition, we offer a breed identification test based on >4000 SNPs. With this, it is possible to accurately identify the ancestry of the subspecies (differentiation of 14 European subspecies). The 4000 SNP test was developed and validated within the framework of a European research project based on a comprehensive sampling of honey bee diversity throughout Europe, including Switzerland (Momeni, Parejo et al. 2020).

Single drones, single worker bees and mixed drone samples (30 antennas or larvae) can be tested. A drone mix sample allows to test the purity of the whole queen.

In addition to the hybirdisation test and the race determination test, we offer a check of the mating station security by means of genetic analyses (SNP4000 / SNP70000). To this end, all drone colonies of the mating stations, as well as the offspring of the mated queens (workers) are tested.

Please contact us with any questions or for a non-binding quote.

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